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Financial Consultation
Projects Funding
Investment Management Professionals. Financial Facilitators. Financial packaging for projects local in Sri Lanka but primarily overseas in Europe and Asia. Advisory Services for Business links. Investor Support Services. Preparation and submit package presentations for Investment Promotion. Line of funding includes not only loans but also cover equity, venture capital, quasi-equity and other financial instruments approvals of which are on a comparative fast track and based more on commercial viability, proven management and project cash flows than the Mortgage and other collateral.
Financial Consultation
Financial Consultation

Saarc Development
SAARC Developments (Private) Limited (SDL) was incorporated on 31st January 2006 in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act with Ronald Perera - Business, Financial and Marketing Consultant as the prime mover of the Company. Soon after the incorporation two finance professionals, one an Indian national and the other a Britisher (a Sri Lankan expatriate) joined the Directorate. The primary focus of the Company was –
  • Real Estate Development and Management.
  • Agents/Representatives of International Contractors engaged in the construction industry both local and overseas.
  • Project Managers and Consultants.
  • Financial Facilitators.
  • GoldNGreen Concept Innovators
    Investment Management Professionals. Advisory services for Business Links.Projects Ideas,Investor Support Services.Preparation & submit package presentations for Investment Promotion.Fund Facilitator, Line of funding includes loans, cover equity,venture capital,quasi-equity,& other financial instruments.Introduce 'ideagora' a business ecosystem that has it's core principle innovation & challenge in organizations. Assist & guide young associates for exchange of ideas & new trends leading to development of environment & community life in the rural.
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    European Project
    Finance Facilitation Nordshore Corporate Park, Development of logistics hub and Business park more ...
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    Maldive Island Project
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