Norton Fernando
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Financial Consultation
Financial Consultation
Norton Fernando
Independent Investment Management Profesional
Mr. Norton is a professionally qualified Accountant with several decades of professional experience in Sri Lanka and Overseas covering large companies as Finance Manager, Finance Director, Consultant etc. His stints include British Motor Car Corporation - UK, Imperial Tobacco Company – Ceylon, Ceylon Synthetic Textile Limited, Vauxhall Mills Corporation etc. He was also a successful Tea Exporter as Managing Director of Sea Air Export (Pvt) Limited.

1. SAARC Dvelopments (Pvt) Limited
2. Sashreeka Agro Management (Pvt) Ltd
3. GoldNGreen Concept Innovators (Pvt) Ltd

1. De Mazenod College Sri lanka
2. Aquinks University College Sri lanka
3. Manchester University-John Dalton College

1. Investment Promotion and Fund Facilitating: SAARC Dvelopments (Pvt) Limited
2. Funding Promotion: SAARC Developments (Pvt) Limited
3. Chairman Sashreeka Agro Management (Pvt) Ltd
Sashreeka Agro Management (Pvt) Ltd (SAM) is a specialist company that provides turnkey agriculture/forestry services, Management and advisory services and agri-tourism to investors and property owners in the agricultural/forestry industry, within Sri Lanka. SAM is geared to identify geographical locations, species and develop viable business models to generate healthy ROI/IRR, whilst the total responsibility from development to maintenance and harvesting lies with SAM. SAM will analyze the current situation and develop an action plan, implement and manage to yield handsome returns over a diversified tenure. SAM can provide expert consultancy services to further enhance the productivity and profitability of your existing project.
4. CEO: GoldNGreen Concept Innovators (Pvt) Ltd
Investment Management Professionals. Advisory services for Business Links. Projects Ideas, Investor Support Services. Preparation & submit package presentations for Investment Promotion. Fund Facilitator, Line of funding includes loans, cover equity, venture capital, quasi-equity,& other financial instruments.
Introduce 'ideagora' a business ecosystem that has it's core principle innovation & challenge in organizations. Assist & guide young associates for exchange of ideas & new trends leading to development of environment & community life in the rural.
Definition of GoldNGreen Concept Innovators
Gold-successful harvest
Green-agriculture, organic farming, biomass energy
Concept-create & develop concept that will shape the future
Innovators-a market place of 'ideas'
Motto-seed to seed
Mission-enriching citizen
Based in Sri Lanka and Ireland

SAARC Developments (Pvt) Ltd.
Project Managers & Consultants. Agents/Representatives of International Contractors, Facilitate funds for local & abroad projects in collaboration with an International Fund Facilitator based in Netherlands who has been in the business for over thirty years.