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Nordshore Corporate Park, Tallinn
Northern Europe’s Gateway to the East
Potential to shorten supply chain times between China and Northern Europe from over 40 days to 15 days.
  • Real Estate Development and Management.
  • Estonia situation on the broad (1520mm) gauge network means only one gauge change between China and the EU
  • This advantage is accentuated by focusing on more inland and western Chinese markets due to the journey time to port, congestion on eastern Chinese rail networks and closer proximity to Europe.
  • Investment in the rail infrastructure of Kazakhstan including the development of transhipment ports at Dostyk and Khorgos enables smooth passage and increased capacity in and out of China.
  • Muuga is the closest seaport by distance from Kazakhstan.
  • Tallinn is the closest EU capital city to China
  • Nordshore presents opportunity to locate integrated logistics and manufacturing facilities on a key strategic intermodal hub.
  • Proposal, Nordshore
  • Full management team at the ready for Business Development, Logistics/rail terminal operations. Development Management. Government/International relations, Finance, Administration.
  • Logistics clients and business platform ready to provide initial revenues to development
  • Considerable potential for further expansion
  • Proposer is seeking a strategic/financial partner to form an international development joint venture partnership for the full development of Nordshore at top holding co level:
  • Further joint venture opportunities available at subsidiary level in the logistics, forwarding, renewables and certain manufacturing sectors.
  • Freehold on the land available as security for the new partner.
  • Bolt-on and complimentary strategic logistic assets can be delivered under the above framework.
  • Financial Consultation
    Financial Consultation

    Proposed development at Kottafaru Island, Raa Atoll

    This proposal is made for raising the necessary finance for developing a resort in Kottafaru Island in Maldives. Kottafaru is located in Raa Atoll (North Maalhosmadulu), about 162 Kilometers from the capital Male’. Nearest domestic airport is located in B. Dharavandhoo which is located about 45 Kilometers away. The island can also be accessed by seaplane in 35 minutes from the international air port. At present another domestic air port is under development in Raa Atoll itself.

    Raa Atoll is a fast developing tourism zone where new resorts are underway. The atoll is near to one of the best dive spots in the country. The Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve, a protected marine area which boasts of vast marine life including manta rays and whale sharks is in the neighboring atoll.

    Financial Consultation
    Financial Consultation

    Kandy 10MW Residual Derived Fuel Thermal Gasification and Landfill Bioreactor Integration Project

    The management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a financial, as well as a social burden to almost all local authorities in Sri Lanka and similar agencies elsewhere in the world. Most developed countries operate disposal facilities at very low efficiencies due to high incentives given as disposal/tipping fees. This has led to the operation of separate systems of landfills and incinerators that do not make long term sense. In this project, a combined system has been proposed by Ecotech Lanka, which has origins at the University of Peradeniya that uses the total energy content of Kandy City waste. A breakthrough technology developed at the university (SL Patent 15679) for Ecotech Lanka, resulting in the development of an innovative biofilter liner and cover system in landfill bioreactors - to provide an enhanced & rapid methanification process - is the key to this project’s takeoff.  

    The Kandy Municipal Council (KMC) recognising the value of the overall technological approach of Ecotech Lanka, has entered into a 30 years lease agreement to implement the proposed Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) system. The flow chart of the main activities of project is given in the Figure 1.

    Financial Consultation
    Financial Consultation
    Financial Consultation
    Financial Consultation